Sunday, July 4, 2010

Liam's Surgury

Liam had surgery on Friday to repair a hernia he's had since birth. The surgery went really well. The hernia was larger than the surgeon suspected so the incision was bigger as well. Thank goodness for the miracles of modern medicine! We live in amazing times!

The nurse gave him some "happy juice" before going into the operating room. I was so glad because I was anticipating that Liam would throw a fit when we had to leave him. Liam did great though and was very relaxed (thanks to the great juice!) through the whole thing. He was playing in the room we were waiting in, and when the surgeon came in he quickly told me we needed to hold Liam as the drugs would be taking affect quickly. Duh Mom!

The Dr. marked the surgical site, then gave Liam the permanent marker as a souvenir. Ben drew thumb faces on Liam and him. I think we should send Liam to play at the Dr's house with his new marker!

They wheeled Liam to the operating room in a little wagon. He climbed in and got comfy.

After surgery just before he woke up. The nurse told us they put bubblegum smell in the mask to entice the kids to cooperate.

The day after. I planned to stay home with Liam while Ben and the older kids went to our town's Independence Day Parade, but when Liam woke up he started crying saying "I want to be in the parade with Daddy." So, we let him go. He was heavily medicated still and just sat on Ben's lap the whole time. What a trooper!


Riquino Family said...

That Versed (happy juice) is amazing stuff, huh!? That is the only way we got through Gabi's 28 surgeries. It also makes it so they don't remember much of it. :)

It looks like you guys had a great 4th also. It is fun to see how involved you are with your community.

Katie said...

I'm glad he got the surgery done and seems to be feeling better!

Amy Nielson said...

Glad the surgery went well for him. It is so hard to see your kids go through stuff like that. Our son had the same surgery earlier this year. That "happy juice" is kind of cool stuff!! ;)