Friday, June 11, 2010

Some Fun

Dad's Birthday. There were some balloon hat makers at the restaurant, and this is what they created for Dad.

Mom on her birthday at Chevy's. She requested no singing, but Sean wanted the free hat, so Meg put in the order for a b-day song. The servers came up behind mom and startled the heck out of her. We were all cracking up! I love hearing my mommy's laughter.

The fam. Seth had a blow out, hence he's sporting the birthday suit!

Meg turned 27. She is usually the cake maker in our family, but since it was her day, I stepped in for the occasion.

Crazy hair day at school (Meilani was home sick with an allergic rash). One of the perks of having a hair stylist as a neighbor.

Science Extravaganza day at Ben's school.

Sariah was a fan of the reptiles.

On one of Ben's furlough days we went to the Jelly Belly factory. Two cute fellas!

Rocking the dorky hats.

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