Sunday, June 13, 2010

Farewell Neighbor Buddies!

I've been drafting this blog post in my mind for quite some time, but just couldn't bring myself to face the bitter truth, until now. My neighbor buddy April, and the Bean family, are leaving "the court!" Sadness barely scrapes the surface of the complex feelings I have about them moving (and our poor kids hardly even understand the imminent changes!). Since we both moved into our little slice of neighborhood heaven three years ago, our families have been bosom buddies. We've shared more than a measly blog post can capture. To put it mildly, the Beans have been family. They are the kind of people you can borrow sugar from at 10:00 at night. The ones you don't ever have to clean for, and who always lend a helping hand, even when it's not convenient. The "salt of the earth" kind of people. I imagine that up in heaven, a loving Father has a big map with push pins all over it. He arranges those pins, and thus our lives, bringing to us the people we need in the moments we need them. My family has been blessed beyond measure through our associations with the Beans. They've shown us love, and been constant examples to us. I know we were brought together in this season of our lives, to "bear one another's burdens." My heart is so full of gratitude for the gift of friendship I've received. While distance will separate us now, I know April and I can sit on our respective porches, solving the problems of the world together, for years to come. We'll just be "chit-chatting" on the phone instead. We love you Beanies!

Five Funny Beanie Memories:

1. The first day we met, my mom (who talks incessantly to strangers) found out April was LDS and introduced the two of us. April thought we were trashy. I thought she was shy and extremely hard to talk to.

2. Carmen was the first kid to pee on the carpet in my brand spankin' new house (certainly not the last!).

3. April and I have spent countless hours "chit-chatting" on the porch (her's usually, she has more shade than I do) while our kids played in the circle. Usually we'd be out there in the afternoon during the "witching hour" while we contemplated what to make for dinner, and waited for the daddies to finish work.

4. David traveled a lot while they've lived here, so April and the girls have eaten dinner with us quite a bit when he's been gone. The first time they came over it seemed all the kids were whining and crying, dinner was not super tasty, and conversation didn't flow easily as we ate. When April left after that first dinner, I thought for sure she'd never come back. Luckily she did. Most dinners went about the same as that first one, but my cooking skills improved, and we learned to talk over the kids. That, and the lack of conversation is no longer uncomfortable. Only between best friends can comfortable silence exist (and if you know me well, I generally can't stand silence)!

5. April and I made a deal when she was pregnant with Charlotte. If she would hold Aliza back in school so she and Liam could be in the same grade, then I would have another baby so that Charlotte could have a playmate. Alas . . . SETH! Okay, okay, it started out as a joke, and if the Bean's were staying in Cali then Aliza would be a year ahead of Liam. But guess what? In Virginia the Kindergarten start date is later, so they will be in the same grade! Too bad Charlotte and Seth won't be able to play together much.

One last date night.

A neighborhood Halloween.

Our Superkids. April's mom made these capes for the kids.

Playing at the park. These four have been great friends . . . like siblings really.

Best Friends from the get go.

I've always thought they look like they could be sisters.

I hope these two will remember each other as they grow up.

Sharing apples and telling secrets.

When our hair stylist neighbor moved in next door to the Beans, Carmen and Sariah played "Julie" a lot.

Every little girl needs a best friend.

The early days.

Aliza and Liam are two peas in a pod. They've always played together super well, frequently calling each other "honey." Last week David said he heard Liam say to Aliza "When are we going to get married Aliza?" Wouldn't that be great?

April had this plant stand on her porch. This picture was totally impromptu. Sweet babies!

When they got bigger, they graduated to a moving bike.

Baby buddies! They rode around and around our court in this wagon when they were little.


Melinda (farleysmiles) said...

I know how hard this is for you and I think that was a great tribute!

April said...

So sweet! The feelings are definitely mutual. I can't even express my feelings right now. Just know that I love you beyond words... like a sister.

I loved the pictures. I may have to steal some... ;)

Fobert Family said...

Aww, I know how it feel to have your "besty" move away. Don't give up hope...mine just moved back! I love your blog, you guys are so cute. We CANNOT WAIT to see you soon. Love you!

Anonymous said...

This is Oma. What a great tribute. Made me cry. I know April will need some (I mean LOTS) of chit-chatting as she adjusts to different neighbors. I will miss "the guys", too.
PS -- I'll keep my fingers crossed for the Liam/Aliza Wedding. They were just made for each other.

Sarah McNorton said...

made me cry too! you and your family are so sweet danelle. i know april and the girls will miss you immensensely!! i feel selfish sometimes for being soo happy that april is coming home when i know deep down how much she is hurting inside also. guess this just means you need to make a trip to the great state of V-A!!!

Amy Nielson said...

What a great blessing to have had such great neighbors and friends for so long!!

Beth's Blue Blog said...

you're a good writer, Danelle! I love your idea about Heavenly Father and the push pin map, but I think we have to do our part through agency and reach out to others as well as let them in. You guys are both good examples of that! I miss the Beans, too. :(