Sunday, June 6, 2010

Another School Year Ends

Another school year has come to a close. This year went by incredibly fast! I mean, I feel like we just started the school year, and now, it's over. In this case the saying "time flies when you're having fun" totally applies (that, and time seems to pass more and more quickly as I age). Meilani, Eli, and Sariah all had tremendously successful academic years, and have shown amazing strides in their development, socially, academically, and emotionally. So so thankful for wonderful teachers and the love that they share with my kiddos!

Meilani with her 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Jurcso. Ms. Jurcso and Meilani were a perfect teacher/student match. Their personalities were extremely complimentary which made for joyful learning. On the last day of school I actually teared up a bit when I went to say "thanks" to Ms. Jurcso. I'd keep Meilani in her class every year if I could.

Eli with his first grade teacher Mrs. Khim, and the student teacher he had for part of the year, Mr. Stenek. Eli grew leaps and bounds this year, especially in writing and reading. Mrs. Khim is extraordinarily dedicated to her students and was able to constantly challenge Eli. He looked forward to going to school everyday, and pushed himself to work hard.

Sariah and her teacher (okay, I was only one of the six teachers, but hey). Sariah had a great year in Joy School. Every day she would wake up and ask "Is it a Joy School day today?" She loved being with her friends, learned to write her name, and is now officially ready for Kindergarten.

Our Joy School class. Aren't they cute?

The mommy-teachers and our little graduates. This was my sixth consecutive year of teaching Joy School. I'm so thankful the great women who have joined with me through the years, to teach our precious little ones. It really is a "joy" to watch them grow and learn (it's also a joy to drop my kid off when it's not my turn to teach! ;). -Oh boy, I've got joy! The Joy School Pep Song

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