Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sariah is 5!

My spunky Sariah turned 5 on Thursday, April 29th! 5 is old for a kid! 5 means that you don't take naps anymore, that you can work the TV remote, and that you're almost old enough to leave the comfy nest of home and mother and enter the big wide world of school, friends, and outside influences. Being my third baby, Sariah has been a constant source of enjoyment to me since day one. With my first baby, I was trying to figure everything out. With number two I had to learn how to divide myself and my time between two kids. The third time 'round I had babyness and motherhood pretty well figured out, well . . . at least figured out enough to "sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!" Sariah is a ball of energy, super athletic (see the new roller blades she got for her birthday below), incredibly friendly, and loving. She's a bit of a "tom-boy" with just the right amount of "fru-fru" mixed in. She LOVES playing outside, enjoys spending time with her friends and siblings, always steals sips of my soda, and is a puzzle-doer extraordinaire! She teaches me how to have fun everyday, and still likes to get hugs and snuggles. She still has a raspiness to her voice, which we think is from always trying to talk over the rest of us! I love her to pieces and am so glad that I have many more days to enjoy my girl!

On her actual birthday we went to "Wed Wobin" (read: Red Robin) for lunch with Grammy, Titi, and Uncle Seanie.

Just a girl and her mommy.

Sunday we had the fam over for dinner to celebrate.

I can't believe our baby girl is so grown up!

Lovin' on our girl!

Waiting to tear into the presents.

Trying out the new skates from Titi and Grammy. Meilani got skates for her birthday but is not a fan of letting the other kids try them out. Sariah thought that the best solution to this predicament was to ask for her own pair. She does pretty well on them too, no surprise there.

Papaw and Liam

Grandmom and Princess

Grammy and Auntie Lisa

Meg and her new beau, Jared

Mutti giving Eli and impromptu piano lesson. He was in heaven!

Seth grabbing for the bee Sariah got from Mutti and Abba.

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