Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is breakfast in bed, homemade cards and handmade jewelery, scribbled pictures and flowers in vases, hugs and kisses and I love yous.

This year I had a great Mother's Day, in part, I think, because I have drastically lowered my expectations. In years past, I've looked forward to a day of pampering where all maternal duties could be neglected, where I could make it to church on time, with no kiddie funk on me, where the house is immaculate without having to lift a finger, and where all children are angels. Of course this scenario never happens. So this year, I decided that I didn't care if the house was a mess, or if the kids screamed their little heads off, or if my husband didn't get me anything (which he did, just for the record! a bike, flowers, and a Sees gift certificate). This year, I relished in the hugs and kisses, enjoyed family dinner, and even though I still had to wipe a few butts, I tried to remember how thankful I am for the children those butts belong to. I'm doing my best, and so are my kids. I'm trying harder to "enjoy the journey."

This was the only picture we could get where no one was making a silly face, and where Sariah's panties were well hidden!

My mommy and me. She's the best. She loves unconditionally, offers continual support (and babysitting!) and teaches me, through her example, how to give of myself more freely. She has taught me how to be a mother and is my greatest cheerleader. I sure love her.

Ben and his mommy (my Pamie). She's the best. She loves to help me talk through my problems, always lending a listening ear. She tells the best stories and loves me as if I were really her daughter. I love her to pieces!

I needed pictures for the Mother's Day gifts we made for our moms so I snapped these real quick after church and printed them out. What did we do before all this technology?
My 5 Little Monkeys:


Katie said...

Cute, cute picture of you and your kids. All the pictures are cute! I'm glad you had a Happy Mother's deserve it! I miss you!!

Riquino Family said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute!