Friday, April 16, 2010

Wicked Fun!

Last week, during spring break, Ben's parents took us to see Wicked. It was a belated birthday gift for me, and I enjoyed every second of it! I LOVED the show more than I thought I would. With all the hype about it, I assumed everyone was raving a bit excessively, but the show was hysterical! I loved the costuming and set design, and the acting was great. If I could sing well, which I can't, I'd have a secret desire to play GaaaLinda. She was really funny. Thanks Pam and Norm for an exceptional night out!

I wanted to take a picture in front of this billboard sign thingy, but there wasn't one on the wall where we exited, and no pictures allowed inside the theater, of course, . . . how convenient!
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We had dinner at a yummy Thai place near the Theater. Great company, tasty food, night on the town, what could be better?


Amy Nielson said...

What a great birthday present!! I want to see Wicked so bad. Hopefully soon.

Anonymous said...

great babysitters??? That must have made the great night. lol.

Beth's Blue Blog said...