Saturday, April 17, 2010

Growing Baby!

Our Sethie Pooh is growing like a weed! He's 5 1/2 months now (I don't want to say 6 months, and age him, even a day, as I'm relishing in his glorious babyness!). He really is the most happy baby I've ever met! I'm not sure what I did to deserve such an easy going baby (maybe by agreeing to have a fifth, the Lord knew I needed a break!) but I'm sure glad he's mine! I know sweet is a typical word used to describe babies, but sweeter than sweet is what my boy is! I love him so much. He smiles at me constantly, is a good eater and sleeper, and fits in with our crazy family perfectly. Here's some sweetie Seth for you:

So technically, Seth is still breastfeeding exclusively, but man does he want to eat real food! I've been holding out to start rice cereal until the official six month mark, but I couldn't resist letting him slobber all over an apple slice one day. He was grabbing at my snack so I gave in and let him have a taste. He was shaking with excitement as I handed him his slice. If he doesn't actually ingest the food, then it's not really eating . . . just licking!

Last Sunday Seth got a hold of a book while he was rolling around on the floor and spent a few minutes chewing on the black binding. Alas, ink all over his face. He looked like a baby hobo with a five o'clock shadow! Sariah thought it was so funny, she gave the book to him again that evening!

Playing airplane with Mama. I don't take many pictures of myself (mostly cause I'm critical of how I look in them), but a friend of mine posted on her blog that she's trying to take more pictures of herself so that down the road, her kids remember that she was "very much there in everything we did." I thought that was profound, so I'm following suit.

Daddy setting up Seth's new "bunk bed," as Liam calls it. Our previous crib was a death trap, so we got a new one this time around.

Trying out the new crib. I think he likes it!

First night in the new crib, sleeping soundly! Hip hip hooray!


Beck Family said...

He is adorable. I love his big smiles. I love the earing pictures too. I remember the day I got mine put in I felt so much the same. Good times!! She looks so grown up!!

Katie said...

So precious! Sera, our fifth, was by far my most easy going, happiest baby. Don't go for a sixth...I'm just sayin'. lol