Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Dinner, Take Two

Last night we had Easter Dinner with Ben's family. Unfortunately Mimmie was sick, so she and Tompa couldn't make it, but we had a nice visit with Mutti, Abba, and Uncle Jared. Norm got a ham from the Honey Baked Ham Store and it was uber delicious! I had never eaten an official honey baked ham before, and although I'm more of a beef kinda girl, I devoured that little piggie like nothing! The kids had fun playing games with Mutti and Abba. It was a great evening.

Abba, Liam and Sariah playing a "Seek and Find" picture book. Sariah's looks pretty intense!

Mutti and Meilani playing Goblet, a tick-tac-toe type of game. Are you sure about that move Mutti? Notice Meilani's new glasses? They are just a fashion statement she insisted on purchasing (with her own money!). They're not prescription. Funny girl!

Brotherly Love!

Eli and Abba taking a turn with Goblet.

Mutti and Abba got the kids a little singing, hopping bunny. Here is Seth mesmerized by it. He would startle when the bunny would hop. Too cute!

It was a late night. Here's a glimpse of the car ride home.

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping babe.

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Beck Family said...

Love the sleeping shot. Eli looks a little uncomfortable, but somehow when you're really tired you can sleep regardless. I love it. Your baby is so sweet!!!