Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pirate Parrrrrrrrrty

Liam had his first "friend" party for his third birthday last weekend. It was pirate themed as Liam is quite infatuated with piratey things lately, mostly saying "Arrrrrrrrgh" as he runs through the house pillaging. The invitation said "Ahoy there mateys! Shiver me timbers, Liam's turning 3! Join our crew as we plunder for treasure and treats. Ye better come, or we'll make you walk the plank! X marks the spot . . . Yo ho ho!" It was quite a fun party and all the little pirate friends seemed to have a good time. Corralling a bunch of two and three year olds was a little like . . . well, getting a bunch of pirates to cooperate and follow directions, but Liam had a blast and was so excited that the party was finally for him. The day before the party I was getting everything ready, and every five minutes Liam would ask "Is it time for my pirate party?" and I'd say "Tomorrow is your pirate party." To which he would say "No, not tomorrow!" Having attended quite a few birthday parties as of late, he was thrilled it was finally his turn. All the mini pirates painted their own little treasure chest, then we played pin the treasure on the map, walked the plank (a 2x4 over paper crocodiles), had a cannon ball fight with paper cannon balls, read a pirate story, and went on a treasure hunt. Each guest took home a bandanna and eye patch along with some other piratey goodies.

Captain Liam and his treasure box cake from Titi. My sister is the best!

Me (I guess I'm the wench!) reading a pirate tale to the crew. I'm not sure how we didn't get a picture of Pirate Ben!

Our pirate ladies. Nice 5 o'clock shadow Sariah!

Eli and Liam, waiting for the shipmates to arrive.

Even Seth donned the pirate head wear. He has a onesie that says "Argh, change me booty!" but we didn't have time to get him in it. Oh well. He slept through most of the party anyway.

Liam and his mateys. Well, the ones who would pose for a picture anyway. Those are some cute pirates!


The Trumpsters said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!!! It looks like it turned out really to be expected from a birthday party put on by Danelle :)!!!!!

Riquino Family said...

You have the cutest birthday party ideas!

Your sister is VERY talented with the cake making. I'm very impressed.

Any fun invication sayings to go with a Tinker Bell party? (Have to start thinking about Gabi's!) :)