Thursday, March 4, 2010

Liam is 3!

My big little Liam is officially a "big boy" (although because of his size, strangers have assumed this for quite some time). He turned 3 Tuesday, February 23rd. I can hardly believe how grown up he is already! He's been my baby, my sweet snuggle bug, longer than the other kids were since there is a bigger age difference between he and Seth, but turning three makes it official, that my chubby baby is gone forever and I now am dealing with a full fledged, rough and tumble, boy! While he still enjoys a good cuddle session, my angelic faced (don't let his looks fool ya!) little man now spends most of his time chasing his siblings, playing with (as opposed to tearing down) train tracks, sneaking into the pantry, and seeking mischief wherever it abounds. He's extremely verbal, loves to be read to, is very opinionated (read: stubborn), and LOVES chocolate milk (we're thinking of putting it on tap). I've realized lately that if I live in the moment, giving Liam my full attention, he has a lot of funny, interesting, observant things to say. He keeps me on my toes, sometimes challenging me in ways I've never been challenged before, and adds a great deal of excitement and zest for life to our home. I can't imagine our family without him. He's our Bubba! We love him more than words can say! His big squeezes, on the go kisses, and abounding laughter during tickle sessions, make my days with him such a joy.

The morning of his actual birthday, Liam insisted on making cupcakes first thing. Seth was asleep and the other kids at school, so Liam and I had a baking session. It was pretty funny! Liam chose pink cupcakes but threw a fit when I poured the batter into the muffin tins, insisting that he no longer wanted pink, but white instead. He was carrying around the white frosting and sprinkles and couldn't grasp the concept that the cupcakes would be white after we frosted them. He was thrilled to get to do all the pouring, stirring, and egg cracking all by himself.

We went to lunch at Chevys with Grammy and Titi. The picture on the left was taken while the servers sang to him. Pretty bashful . . . like his daddy! He was thrilled to take home the hat though!

Our home teacher Aaron brought over a little cake for Liam. Aaron told Liam it was all his and Liam took that statement quite literally, not sharing at all with Eli or Sariah. He finally gave in and decided to give them a few bites when I told that if he didn't share he wouldn't get a pirate party. What a mean mommy! He did go running upstairs with forks for Eli and Sariah!

For months our family members have been asking Liam what he wants for his birthday. Every single time he said he wanted a flamingo. I have no idea how he got that idea in his head. My sister even showed him a flamingo online one day and asked him what it was and he didn't know! When she said it was a flamingo he said "I want that." Funny boy!

Ben's parents got Liam a big ABC caterpillar. It's huge and he's slept with it every night.

More cake at the family party. I know, I know, too much cake. You only turn 3 once!

Mom, Liam and Dad. What a cute boy (and hot Dad)!


Melinda (farleysmiles) said...

I think you meant "february" instead of "november"...tell him happy birthday from us too!

Katie said...

I didn't know Aidan and Liam's birthday's are only a day apart! Aidan turned 2 on Feb 22nd. Liam looks like such a big boy.