Friday, February 12, 2010

Love is in the Air

I love Valentine's Day! Well not the commercial part, but the love part. As a kid I loved the party at school, making "mailboxes" for my valentines to go in, and distributing and receiving notes from all my classmates. There is something great and wonderful about exchanging sentiments of friendship and love (then again, my language of love is "words of affirmation"). Now as an adult I love making valentines with my kiddos. A little something, handmade, from the heart, is fun to give. I love that this year I was able to spend a little time with each of the kids individually while we made their cards. I hope they know how much I love each of them, and cherish this time in my life, while they're young.

Liam with his valentine. The hearts are made by melting old crayons in a mold. I think I've made this one every year with one of the kids. It will be a sad day when they're all too old to want to give crayon valentines!

Tutorial here.

Sariah with her valentine. She wrote her name all by herself this year. I reasoned that we better give these valentines this year while Sariah only had 9 valentines to make since the shovels are a little pricey.

The shovel says "I Dig You!" in case you can't read it. Found this one here.

Eli made lollipops out of leftover candy canes from Christmas. He had fun putting on the sprinkles and liked staying up late with Mom and Dad. The note says "I'll stick with you when things get sticky!"

I love when I can use leftover junk I already have for something cute and new! Tutorial here.

I thought Meilani's valentines were so stinkin' cute! We had a lot of fun together during her "photoshoot." We will for sure be doing this one again!

Here's a better shot. So easy . . . really! Check it out here.

Here's the valentines I gave to my Joy School kids. Little crocheted hearts. They're supposed to leave the heart after doing an act of service for a family member. No hearts left around my house yet. ;) Tutorial here.


John and Stef said...

It's official. You have to make a "Fobert Family Craft Book". I LOVE all the things you make with your kids.

Sare said...

I've been seeing all of those cute valentines on the craft blogs and I am so jealous that you found time to do it all. You are incredible Danelle. I wish there was a class on "how to be more like Danelle" because I'd sign up for it. You are amazing. My favorite is the one Meilani made (I keep seeing that one and I wish I had time to do it...printer broke, no time to get a new one year, I am totally doing that one).

The Trumpsters said...

Okay overachiever!!!!! First no yelling, now homemade valentines, you're killing me! Those are so cute! Last night at dance one of the girls brought the one that Meilani made, I'd never seen any of these ideas- maybe next year. Way cute, you are so great! :) I miss you!

Stephanie said...

Such cute Valentine's Danelle! Loved Meilani's, that was darling that she had her beautiful face on each Valentine. I may have to try that one next year...if I remember. :)

Katie said...

So cute! I especially loved Meilani's cute! I'll have to try that some year with my boys.

Amanda said...

Wow those are some great valentines! i was so busy and copped out and bought spongebob cheesy ones. Glad I saw your post AFTER I sent them to school with Alison or I would have felt even worse!

Beth's Blue Blog said...

wow- these are really good! and your crocheting is so cute!