Thursday, January 14, 2010

Meilani is 9!

I can't believe I'm old enough to have a nine year old, but 'tis true. She's officially half way through her time at home with us. That's quite a sobering thought! The time is definitely flying by. I remember so well the day we went to the hospital to have her. I was induced and as we walked down the stairs of our apartment to go to the hospital, Ben said "this is the last time we'll walk these stairs alone." The thought of that was so terrifying! I was nervous about becoming a mother, worried about such a tremendous responsibility. Little did I know that becoming a mother would give my life more meaning and direction. Throughout the years Meilani has brought joy, fufillment, and purpose to my life. She is the most amazing daughter, full of integrity, creativity, love and excitment for life. I still fret often that I'm not as good as I want to be as a mother and hope that Meilani can succeed despite my weaknesses as a parent. I really feel privledged to be her mother and to learn from her everyday.
Meilani turned nine on Sunday, January 10th. We had the whole fam over for dinner to celebrate. We've really grown in numbers and our house was full (with people and joy). Meilani was tickled to have everyone there for her special day.

As Ben would say, no matter how old she gets, she'll always be our baby. I LOVE that girl!

Okay, so maybe I do look old enough to have a nine year old.

Blowing out the candles. Ben, move your dumb arm!

Trying out the new skates.

Ben's brother Jared and his girlfriend Sara. The kids love it when the come because they play and wrestle with them.

Mimmie and Tompa arrived early and hadn't even taken a seat before the kids had chosen books from the shelf for them to read. Tompa and Mimmie are such good sports. I think Liam made Tompa read one story, like 15 times last time he came.

Eli showing off his reading skills to Mimmie. She thought he did pretty well for a second grader. Then we reminded her that he's in first grade. All the better.

Abba reading Stoompa the Silly Austrian with a thick silly german accent. This story was a Fobert boy favorite when Ben and his brothers were kids.

Tompa examining baby Seth. I think he passed the test. We'll keep him.

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Katie said...

Happy Birthday to Meilani!
P.S. I don't think you look old enough to be the Mom of a 9 year old. We're way young being 30, right?