Thursday, January 14, 2010

Little Guys

With Meilani and Eli at school and Sariah at Joy School a couple days a week, I have quit a bit of time with my "little guys." It's quite a shift in the dynamic at home to be outnumbered by boys, but I sure do love getting to care for these little fellas.

My Seth is such a happy boy! He coos and giggles and smiles at me every chance he gets. Luckily he's very mellow and likes to chill in his swing or bouncer, sometimes longer than I'd like when I'm getting stuff done, but hey, he is number five. At the end of a day when the other four are in bed I love to snuggle little Seth and watch him make goo goo eyes at me. I think I'm his favorite. Sometimes he's just so happy to have my attention and eye contact he can't stop smiling and giggling enough to latch on to nurse. It's pretty funny, but I won't post a pic of that! I love this little guy and am so happy we decided to have another baby. His little smiles just melt my heart and I can't stop kissing his ever growing cheeks.
Liam is really giving me a "run for my money" lately. He's into everything and tests my limits daily, but he keeps me laughing. Here he is with Meilani's ipod. He went straight for it as soon as the older kids were gone at school and I was nursing Seth (so I couldn't chase him to take it away). I turned it on for him and he listened to quite a few songs. On about the third song he said "Hey mom, I love this song!" Too funny. If you can believe it he even knew how to control the volume! I barely know how to do that. I'm not sure when it happened, although I'm sure I was here, but my little bubba has transformed from a baby into a kid. Where does the time go?

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Katie said...

Danelle, you're making want to have another baby with all of those ridiculously cute chubby Seth pictures. I LOVE the cheeks. They remind me of how my babies look when they're little like that. Liam does look so grown up, and I have no idea how that happens. The last time I saw you, you were very early on in your pregnancy with Liam...crazy! Time goes by way to fast.