Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun with Grammy

Wednesday my mom and Meg came out for lunch. When we got home Grammy played airplane and boat with Liam and Sariah. These were two of my favorite games as a kid. My mom used to lay on her water bed and roll back and forth like a boat until we fell off. We used to also play a game called bouquet where she put us in the air on her feet then threw us off the end of the bed. I named it bouquet because it was like a bride tossing her wedding bouquet, us acting the part of the flowers (daughter of a florist, you know). Watching my mom yesterday I think she actually threw us off the bed because her muscles were sore from holding us up in the air! We were all cracking up hysterically as Grammy resurrected these silly games with my kids. So much fun! She even let them tickle her with PVC pipes! Now that's love.

Rocking the boat. Liam couldn't stay on.

Sariah played beauty shop. Notice the pink hair extension!

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Katie said...

Oh, I love seeing pictures of your makes me miss everyone so much!