Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cabbage Rolls

My family has a yearly tradition of making cabbage rolls for New Year's. As the story goes, my great-grandparents, Homer and Myrtle Williamson, began this tradition during the years of the Great Depression. With virtually no money, my grandmother sent my grandfather to the store to get ingredients for a New Year's Day dinner. At the store my grandfather struck up conversation with the local grocer, whom he was friendly with, and the grocer gave my grandfather a pound of ground beef and a head of lettuce, telling my grandfather to have his wife make cabbage rolls for dinner, saying that if she did, our family would be blessed with prosperity in the new year. My grandparents followed this advice and every year we've been blessed beyond measure. As a child I really didn't care for the cabbage rolls, but was forced to eat them. I suppose they're an acquired taste because I can't get enough now . . . well, after three or so days of eating them I usually have had enough, but we sure do look forward to them all year long. Tonight us Lafferty women gathered to assemble the rolls. Meilani was very excited to help and it's wonderful to be able to pass on this family tradition to the 4th generation!

Meilani, me, Auntie Lisa, and Mom making the rolls.

My sweet girl and me.

Today Sariah spotted a tree in Grandmom's backyard with lots of fruit on it. She promptly collected a bag and went off to pick. It wasn't definitive whether they were oranges or lemons, but Sariah was sooooooo sweet pleasantly picking fruit in her own little world and I enjoyed watching her. I love that spunky girl!

Seth giggling. He cried more than he laughed tonight, but we'll highlight the laughter!


Anonymous said...

Love it.


Stephanie said...

I love that! Cabbage rolls are sounding good to me. I love the ones at Cheesecake factory (lettuce wraps). You'll have to post your recipe!

Amanda said...

How fun is that! My grandma always makes us cabbage rolls too. Maybe I should get her recipe and carry on the tradition!