Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Everyday Fobert Fun

Seth in his bed. The girls thought it was hysterical that he was sleeping with his hands up in the air.

Bubble fun at Grandmom's. The kids love bathing at Grandmom's house because she has a jetted tub and they get sparkle powder when they are done. I'm not sure where the sparkle powder came from, but it's lasted years and the kids LOVE it.

Grandmom with Seth. I think I have this exact picture with her and each one of the kids. Grandmom is
never totally thrilled when she hears I'm pregnant (again) but she seems to love the babies!!!
The kids caught a frog in the backyard. They were all super excited. Liam ran in with his eyes practically popping out of his head to tell me. They decided to get brave and hold it and you could have heard the squeals from the backyard a mile away. Sariah is the brave one in our house and held it first but it jumped out of her hand rather quickly. Meilani tried to recapture it in the cup but accidentally squished his head off in the process. Sariah was pretty down about the death! She wasn't quite finished playing with her friend.

Last Friday the kids and I went to the park. It was great to get out in the sunshine. Liam rode his bike the whole way there and back. He wanted me to push him initially (which I couldn't do as I was pushing the stroller) but gave in and rode when he realized his only other option was getting strapped into the stroller. You can see how focused he is on pedaling. He almost kept up with Sariah (not pictured because she's so speedy I couldn't snap a picture fast enough).

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Katie said...

Baby Seth is so beautiful...I love the sleeping baby picture. That's too bad about the kids rescued a frog from our window-well one day only to find that it had hopped back down there and died...they were pretty sad about that would be even worse to accidently squish its head off...yuck. Your kids are all so cute!